Reflexzone therapy

Reflexzone Therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic treatment, which has been used in many cultures and is applied to maintain optimal health.
It is a therapeutic system whereby the feet, as well as the hands, are deeply massaged without exceeding the pain threshold!

In reflexzone therapy, we assume the body is divided into ten vertical energy paths, the so-called energy lines. These lines have nothing to do with acupuncture or meridians.
You can imagine that if your shoes are too tight, you can get problems with that particular energy line. This can indeed have an effect on your health!

For example, ingrown nails, corns and persistent foot fungus can also have an effect on your overall health.

By applying this reflex zone therapy, blockages are removed. So the treatment is not only preventive, it is also very effective for general health problems.

Reflexology has probably originated in China, 3000 BC. In China, it was often used in combination with acupuncture.
But also in Egypt, inscriptions from 2500 BC were found which indicated the use of reflex zone therapy.

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reflexzone therapy

Reflex zone therapy

It may happen that the body shows a physical reaction to the treatment. For example, fatigue, nausea, headache, etc. This does not always have to happen, of course.
Before treatment, tell your client they may experience a reaction to the foot reflex.
Should this happen, then this is a sign that the body is clearing the blockages and has started a self-healing process.
In such a case, it is recommended to repeat the treatment on a weekly basis, for a period of six weeks.

A foot reflex is effective for six to seven days and by repeating the treatment on a weekly basis, the body will be able to effectively solve the blockages.
Reflex zone Therapy is a Holistic therapy, whereby the body and mind are balanced.
The chi or qi (Chinese for life energy) will flow through the entire body without blockages.